On the history channel in Feb this 2006, this documentary was shown-
Banned from the Bible

These books were banned by the compilers of the Bible 300AD, {Convert roman emperor Constantine, a foremost compiler}, for various reasons, including sex-i.e. Mary being female, and especially: their teachings referred to as- ?Gnostic?, being contrary to their most popular ideas, and assumptions of what the new faith- Christianity should be, to separate it from Judaism. We know that ?Protestants? erupted to protest many choices of the first and Catholic church.
Fortunately, here we have some of these books that we have long been deprived of.

history channel; banned from the Bible

Excerpt- “

NEW YORK, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ — When Jesus was a boy, did he kill
another child? Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute — or an apostle? Did Cain
commit incest?
Will there be an apocalypse or is this God’s trick to scare us?
The answers to these questions aren’t found in the Bible as we know it, but
they exist in scriptures banned when powerful leaders deemed them unacceptable
for reasons both political and religious. BANNED FROM THE BIBLE reveals some
of these alternative tales and examines why they were “too hot for
The two-hour world premiere BANNED FROM THE BIBLE airs on
Christmas, Thursday, December 25 at 9 pm ET/PT.

One hundred and fifty years after the birth of Jesus, a man named Marcion
that a Christian Bible was needed to replace the Hebrew Bible. Church
leaders opposed Marcion’s banning of the Hebrew books
, but they did agree that
Christians should have a Bible to call their own. After
Constantine the Great
converted to Christianity in the 4th century, a serious effort was made to
compile a Christian Bible, one that included both the Hebrew scriptures (the
Old Testament) and Christian manuscripts (the New Testament). It took another
40 years before a final list of New Testament books was officially canonized
by the church. Many of the most popular were excluded.
Upon examination today,
many of these writings attempt to resolve inconsistencies and questions raised
from reading the Bible…..

* The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: The only book that deals with young
Jesus, it indicates that Jesus was a strong-willed child who one
historian describes as “Dennis the Menace as God.” The book reveals
that at age five, Jesus may have killed a boy by pushing push him off a
roof and then resurrected him. Perhaps too disturbing for inclusion in
the Bible, this book seems to contain traditions, also known to the

Read the depths of Mary Magdalene?s words, in “The gospel according to Mary”-

In the History channel movie, it was mentioned that these books must somehow have found their way to Mecca {Birth place of Islams Prophet, Mohammed(P) who wrote the Quran} because certain facts were the same in these books and the Quran. {The film authors do/didn’t consider the possibility that the Quran could be there to reinforce and clarify, a Book from inspiration/revelation from the same source-God}

Watch at 6 minutes for reference to Muslim Quran:

Watch also 5:28 minutes, on tales found in Quran

These include-
1, The Protoevangelion of James clarified Jesus? brothers as being actually, Step brothers, who Joseph had before marrying Mary. Exactly the Same in Quran.
2, The ?Apocalypse of Peter? describes Jesus telling Peter he would be saved and that someone else was/is substituted for him to be crucified, but others are blind and don?t notice. Peter actually sees Living Jesus safe on a tree, while a substitute evil person is nailed.
This Idea that Jesus was miraculously saved by substitution and escaped crucifixion, is an unpopular narration previously only known to be documented in the Quran.


“Come therefore, let us go on with the completion of the will of the incorruptible Father. For behold, those who will bring them judgment are coming, and they will put them to shame. But me they cannot touch. And you, O Peter, shall stand in their midst. Do not be afraid because of your cowardice. Their minds shall be closed, for the invisible one has opposed them.”
When he had said those things, I saw him seemingly being seized by them. And I said “What do I see, O Lord? That it is you yourself whom they take, and that you are grasping me? Or who is this one, glad and laughing on the tree? And is it another one whose feet and hands they are striking?”
The Savior said to me, “He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails is his fleshly part, which is the substitute being put to shame, the one who came into being in his likeness. But look at him and me.”
But I, when I had looked, said “Lord, no one is looking at you. Let us flee this place.”
But he said to me, “I have told you, ‘Leave the blind alone!’. And you, see how they do not know what they are saying. For the son of their glory instead of my servant, they have put to shame.” .

A moslem teaching of ultimate eventual forgiveness for all in hell, is also mentioned in this gospel.


Also National Geographic, had this similar article in its May 2006 magazine edition, on the Gospel of Judas that was found recently(Though this is a very questionable gospel). It also discussed in the same edtion about other Bible books that had been lost and rediscovered recently in caves. These Books are agreed by all historians to have been more popular in the early period after Christ, before the incursions.
see pictures of that magazine and read Excerpts:

2. Above: Second Discourse of Great Seth, 200s Says that the true Christ was never crucified.
3. Above: Gospels Lost and Found, the heading of the article.
4. Above: A long burried side of Christianity is re-emerging. The notion of Gospels that contradict the four cannonical gospels is unsettling to some.
5. Above: but in 1945 Egyptian peasants found a set of long-lost Gnostic texts buried in an earthenware jar near the town of Nag Hammadi. Among them were over a dozen entirely new versions of Christs teachings, including the Gospel of Thomas and Philip and a Gospel of truth….In ancient times, some of these alternative versions may ahve circulated more widely than the familiar four Gospels.
6. Above: but church fathers chose only four for the New Testament. During the past century, many rejected gospels have been rediscovered.
I can?t do enough justice to this new material. Please go through these books of the Bible yourself