The early catholic church, which officially started (though Peter is named the unofficial first pope) with 300AD Constantin’s creation, after the council of Nicea, and his imposition and creation of certain dramatic innovations to the faith of Christ, including the change of the Sabbath from Saturday to the day of the Sun/ sun-day, the day he worshiped his sun god, and the creation of Christmas on the 25th of December, the day they celebrated a Sun-god celebration, as well as the creation of the Rome capital of Christianity from Jerusalem, and the Pope system. Notice as we see in the pictures and links below, the close semblance of the Popes attire with the attires of the shamus/sun-god, priests of thousands of years BC.

This was all adopted into Christianity, along with the Trinity Idea, and many other fundamental reforms to the faith. the Protests released Protestant Christians from many of these idol practices, but a lot were/are so deeply imbibed into Christianity, that they unfortunately¬† haven’t yet been deleted by most free churches. Statues and paintings of Christ are still everywhere in clear violation of the third commandment- not to make graven images or anything in the likeness of anything in heaven, on the earth, in the water.. We even have naked pictures of Christ or god in the Vatican today.

Pictures say it all. Catholics= 1 billion misled people on earth!

Tiny Jesus, Big Pope. Both statues violating 2nd Commandment!

Bowing for who!!!

See scars in Marys hands!!!

2nd Commandment Violations!!!