A verse that explains all about Jesus’ identity. Halleluyah!

John 20:17 –
Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God

**This was after Jesus had died and risen. Therefore He was no longer man, yet–>

1, Even in such post crucifiction state, I/we men are Jesus’ brethren. Therefore of the same human category in His regard.

2, He said here that God the One is His father as He is ours!

3, He said herein also that God(Jehovah, Eloi, Ellah, Allah etc…by all His names{As in Original hebrew}) is His God just as He is our God.

*Jesus, here was definitely communicating an essential message to us.
*Very important to notice is- This was after He had died, so He wasnt still talking different due to being as man, and carrying our sin, etc.

Yeah supposedly god has a God like we do…

and that God is greater than god, like He is greater than us…
Joh 14:28 – “……because I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I. .

and this god is Not even good, and only calls the other God good…
Mt 19:17 – And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.

and this your Jesus-god, can of his own do Nothing!…Joh 5:30 – I can of mine own self do nothing

and he, your Jesus-god doesn’t know the last day, which only his-our the other God alone knows..MaRK 13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. .

So what on earth…or in heaven does God do/mean ?
and this your Jesus-god, even eats, passes excreta, sweats, pees..damn do you really expect so little of God. BTW i swear this innocent man never said he was God. If he did, i’ll repent right away.

Please help me to understand, if possible…if three are one, and they as one are all equally God…….. i think they will all be equal in capacity, knowledge and function, and my post shows they obviously aren’t. So how are they equal. Or there is hierachy in the Trinity? Thats why you always start with-‘the Father’, and Never say-‘The Son, HGhost and Father’? Why does god as Jesus pray to God Father for help as he did on the cross?

Is One part of the Three in one God Bigger and better than the others?

(And Ive shown here b4, that the foremost Biblical reference to the Trinity- ‘For there are three that bear…father son and HGhost’..1 John 5:7. has been expunged from all new Bibles as being false doctrine..Check your Bible it’s No more there(all others but old King James)

* Jesus was NEVER CALLED GOD in the bible.
* Jesus NEVER said to be called God.
* Jesus rather many a time said to rever ONLY the Father above, and NOT even for Him, Jesus to be classified/called “good”.
* Notice as I pointed above, the ONLY verse supporting the Jesus=God theory, how it occurs strangely in 1John 5:7, and has been now removed
*Notice The Lords prayer, and also Jesus saying-” Pray as “I” pray to our Father/God.
*Notice Gods attributes, can Never be compared with man, ie- God doesnt shit, or eat at anytime(Bible)
*Notice Job 25:1-5, Where Jesus is directly declared NOT comparable to God.
*Notice the confusion, of “the word”, being Jesus and with God in the begining, when actually, the word is NOT exclusive for Jesus in the Bible, but occurs so many more times in relation to Gods other acts/prophets. The word simply means “Gods method of directing creation/action. Eg- And the word of God came upon moses and he….” The word, made all man, including Jesus. …and that word is definitely God, but shouldnt be confused to mean, all man is God…or as is being mistaken…that Jesus is God.

Questions a Trinitarian can not answer-

#1,So God wasn’t made manifest, and understood yet, and didnt fulfil his obligations to man, before Jesus came as man to earth? How fair is it for those majority of men before Jesus era?

#2,Was Jesus always in flesh, and is he still in flesh in heaven, or he has taken up the ‘mysterious’ unknown form of God?

#3,If he is still in flesh, does he have the flesh needs in heaven, like eating and defeacating?

#4, Who should we pray to? Should we pray as Jesus commanded- “Our father in heaven, ha…be thy name”
Or pray in jesus name?

#5, Why does Jesus have less capabilities and knowledge than Father?

#6, Does God actually have to come and die to save us, especially realizing the fact that man became no better after the act. Couldnt he just decide in heaven, that it should be so, and it will?….Does God really have to come go through such?…become a creation? he can just say..I remove the sins of Adam, and we are cleansed. Why the belittling human ideaology, idol worship similar technicality?

#7, Can the creator become a created/creation?

#8, What is the difference betwen Christians and their hindu counterparts who worship men?…If Jesu a man is god and worshipped, i see it as simple distinguished idolatory of man…probably inserted by budhists and hindus into christianity from their understanding.


Job 25:1-6 –
1 Then Bildad the Shuhite answered, 2 “Dominion and awe belong to Him Who establishes peace in His heights. 3 “Is there any number to His troops? And upon whom does His light not rise? 4 “How then can a man be just with God? Or how can he be clean who is born of woman? 5 “If even the moon has no brightness And the stars are not pure in His sight, 6 How much less man, who is a maggot,
And the son of man(Jesus), who is a worm!”

A worm as we know being a stage higher than a maggot, it’s what a maggot matures into…So Jesus, apart from being unclean(born of woman) is represented no doubt higher than men, but yet incomparable to God. That’s my take..You can justify it to yourself.

It’s no big surprise that Jesus even though he never indicated, demanded or accepted it, was easily dietized. Humans are quick to dietize any one who is miraculous even those to much lesser degrees than Christ. see how many things and people are dietized in Hinduism. The great teachers are all Gods, Budha, Rhama, Khrishna etc.

This letter of an ancient King to Jesus illustrates this:

King Abgar’s Letter to Jesus Christ

And the letter was read before him (Jesus). in which the following was written:  Abgar Ukomo to Jesus. the good physician. who has appeared at the place of Jerusalem.

Lord, hail!  |  I have heard of you and of your healing, that you do not heal by medicines and by drugs, but by your word you make blind men see (lit. open) and you make lame men walk and you make lepers clean  |  and you make deaf men hear and you cast out spirits and night-wandering demons (lit. roofsons), and you heal the miserable by your word, and also raise dead men.  |  When I heard these great wonders that you do, I came to the conclusion (lit. put in my mind) that either you are God who came down from heaven and did these, or you are God’s son, that you do all these.  |  therefore I write (and) ask you (lit. wrote,  asked) that you come to me, that I may prostrate myself before you, and you heal a certain pain that I have, since I believe in you.  |  Also, I have further heard this,  that the Jews are murmuring against you and persecuting you, and even wish to crucify you and intend to do away with you.  |  I have but one small province, but (it is) beautiful and for two sufficient to inhabit in peace.”

<<The Kings letter     &   Jesus’ Reply>>

The Reply of Jesus Christ to King Abgar

When Jesus received the letter in the house of the high priest of the Jews, he said to the courier Hannan:  |  “Go and say to your lord, who sent you to me:  ?Blessed are you, that when you have not seen me you believe in me!”  For it is written concerning me that those who see me will not believe in me.  |  And that you have written to me that I should come to you – that for which I have been sent here is now fulfilled, and I am about to ascend to my Father who sent me; I and when I have ascended to him, I will send you one of my disciples, who will heal and cure whatever pain you have, and all who are with you he will lead to eternal life.  |  And your city will be blessed, and no enemy in the future will ever take it over.”

A Bible story has it too that when Barnabas and Paul were preaching to the Greeks, they called them Gods, so the disciples then stripped and ran into the peoples midst to show them that they were ordinary men.

So this easy dietizing is a common predictable problem.


Ephesians 1:17
I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.