If we honestly wish to best follow Jesus Christs footsteps, and all his teachings, then Islam and the way the Moslems live, learn, teach and die is most comparable to Jesus’ true teachings, life and ways.

The moslems every action is most like Jesus. The way¬†moslems dress, the way they talk, their faith, and beliefs, the Moslem prayer, his way of greeting friends and households, his way of salvation, etc are all 99% Biblical and in conjunction with Jesus’ true teachings. Islam even in it’s meaning= ‘Peace’, seems to be what Jesus was actually teaching and preaching, and as we analysed that the true name of his faith could only best be ‘peace’, maybe he was a ‘moslem’. Moslem simply means one who submits to the One God. And we know that Jesus’ prayer is thus- ‘Our Father in Heaven…thy will be done..’. ‘Thy will be done’, is the statement of submission. Hence Jesus may rightly be described as a submitter, and would be engulfed by the wide absorbing Moslem term.