This 15-ton lion symbolized Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess of war

“…Are we really celebrating the resurrection of Christ or of Easter, the fertility goddess of Babylon? Did the goddess Easter resurrect from the underground on the Spring Equinox? The pagan worshippers believed she did and worship her every year in the spring with orgies, rabbits and eggs. Constantine was so anti-Semitic that he forced the Christians to change the name of the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ from “The Feast of First Fruits” Leviticus 23, to Easter. He changed the name to the pagan God Ishtar or Easter. The true Christians never allowed it to change. Even our “puritans” who came to America would not celebrate Easter or Christmas.

The story goes that Easter’s son goes to the under world and cannot get back up so she has to go down their to get Him. Easter resurrects back up in the spring. Supposedly Tammuz, her son, is born at Christmas, and dies at Halloween. All the witchcraft books tell the story and give all the pagan holidays which look just like the Christian holidays.

Repent for your ignornance, like I had to, and help stop this abomination. In Ezekiel 8:14 that woman crying for Tammuz is Easter. When I was in London recently, I went to the museum and there were Easter obelisks from Nineveh. The actual ones and her lions from her temple. I was shocked, but not as shocked as I was to find out that the church today calls the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ after Easter, who is the Queen of Heaven and the woman who rides the beast of Revelation…..”

Do you ever wonder why the main worry/problem Jesus kept warning/predicting about, was Not Islam, Mohammed, Jews, Terorists, GW Bush, etc, but rather false prophets prophesying ‘in His name’?

Jesus must have been so worried about this occurence, how false ‘Christian’, prophets will adulterate his image, Book, and corrupt and hide {Apocryph}true gospels, that He warned of it most….saying, ‘I will tell the false priests to get away from me’.

Sometimes ‘outsiders’ help those trapped under the evils of these false priests to see a away out, to the true path Christ would want for them.

Celebrate the Feast of first fruits but please do not call it ‘Easter=Ishtar’, the pagan name. that’s all. I bet Jesus won’t want that.