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Since ‘Christianity’ was just a nickname given by unbelievers long after¬†Christs death, and it was even first given to people who didn’t preach to other than JEWS! IE ONLY preached to JEWS. (The christening of ‘Christianity’ in the Bible, years AD.) Acts 11:19-26 – 19 … preaching the word to none but unto the Jews […]

The safest Place to be

By admin007 + March 8th, 2009

If we honestly wish to best follow Jesus Christs footsteps, and all his teachings, then Islam and the way the Moslems live, learn, teach and die is most comparable to Jesus’ true teachings, life and ways. The moslems every action is most like Jesus. The way¬†moslems dress, the way they talk, their faith, and beliefs, […]


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Introduction April 8th, 2009


INTRODUCTION Peace be to you. {1Pe 5:14; 1Sa 25:6; Lu 10:5; Lu 24:36; Joh 20:21 } I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Fa[...] Read the rest »